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Vietnam Eases Entry Procedures for Foreign Employees

Vietnam’s government on January 18 issued Decision No 450/VPCP-QHQT (Decision 450) on easing entry procedures for foreign employees and overseas Vietnamese with relatives.

As per the Decision, the government has agreed to facilitate the entry of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese returning back to Vietnam.

This means that foreigners and overseas Vietnamese and their relatives with temporary residence cards (TRCs), permanent residence cards (PRCs), valid visa, and valid visa exemption certificates will be allowed to enter Vietnam without having to get approval from the immigration department and the local people’s committee.

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Decision 450 also states that the local people’s committees should continue to facilitate entry for foreigners without visas including approvals and guidance on how to enter.

The government is likely to issue further instructions and guidelines on the implementation of this Decision and we will update you on the ongoing development when further information is available. 

However, businesses and individuals should be advised that regulations on entry for those without TRCs or PRCs remain the same. Foreign arrivals are still subject to Covid-prevention protocols including a quarantine at their place of residence, (with approval of the ward level authority), or hotels for three days for fully vaccinated individuals.

Further, foreign arrivals are required to have appropriate health insurance and pay for all testing requirements including a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival.

Vietnam remains closed to foreign tourists unless on government-approved packaged tours. Nevertheless, the latest development will be welcomed by foreign employees and businesses, particularly for those that have been unable to return since Vietnam closed its borders in March 2020.