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Vietnam: New Regulations on the Inspection and Verification of Origin of Exports - Vietnam Briefing News

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has just released Circular No.39/2018/TT-BCT (“Circular 39”) providing guidance on the procedures for inspection and verification of origin of exported goods before and after the issuance of certificates of origin (C/O).

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Circular 39 will come into effect on December 14 and includes two forms of examination, examination of dossiers, and on-site verification at production establishments.

Circular 39

Examination of dossiers

Examination of the origin dossiers can be carried out if the competent authorities in the importing country have proposed such inspections. In addition, the domestic C/O issuing authorities can also inspect in case there are signs of origin frauds.

Other local domestic functional agencies can also request for coordination if there are signs of violation.

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Inspection and verification at production establishments

If the examination of dossiers and other documents are not sufficient to determine the origin or if they suspect of fraud, the competent authorities of importing countries can request for the examination of C/O documents and inspection and verification of goods at production establishments.

In addition, the local C/O issuing authority can also initiate the verification of the origin of goods to meet their requirements of risk management and frauds. Other domestic agencies can also suggest for inspections.

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The new regulations will increase the coordination amongst the domestic authorities, customs offices, and traders in importing countries.

Going forward, the frequency of such inspections and verifications are expected to increase, and will lead to reduced violations and origin frauds.