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A Guide to Foreign Investment in Vietnam

The latest issue of Vietnam Briefing Magazine, titled “A Guide to Foreign Investment in Vietnam”, is out now and currently available to subscribers as a complimentary download in the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

In this issue:

  • Market Entry
  • Set Up Guide
  • Vietnam’s Talent Market and Tax Liabilities

Vietnam’s lure of a favorable investment environment, including competitive costs, talent market, and free trade agreements, have made it an ideal location for investors seeking to diversify supply chains and lower operation costs. Nevertheless, foreign investors considering the Vietnamese market need to have a clear understanding of the capacity and limitation of Vietnamese production.

As Vietnam faces its most serious outbreak of COVID-19, with factories shut and production lines affected, many businesses have had to resort to alternative business continuity measures to ensure factory activity can continue. While this is a challenging time for the country, the government has asserted its dual priorities of containing the pandemic and ensuring economic activity. Most investors remain bullish and while they acknowledge that the recent wave has caused production problems, long-term investment plans will not change.

In this issue of Vietnam Briefing, we detail market entry options in Vietnam, followed by a set up guide, including land use rights for new investors in the country. We conclude with Vietnam’s labor market, taxes, and hiring staff considerations.

This magazine is based on Dezan Shira & Associates’ years of experience in supporting foreign enterprises in Vietnam. For more information and advice on how to plan a relocation to Vietnam please contact us at [email protected]